LPM is a paper craft hobby for people who like sports and paper craft. LPM is designed for people to improve their playing skills, at the same time to expand their game with imagination and craft skills to build stadiums and scenery of their choice

LPM GAMES                                                                                                                        LPM Quick Soccer.                                                                                                          

Moto LPM.


Playing LPM Games

To get your hands on LPM Games for free simply send an email to Lpm.info@yahoo.co.uk Simply write “send me Lpm Soccer Game “and I will email the game on for you to print out to enjoy.



Why not take a look at the new world Cup 2014 Brasil game Click HERE. This game would make a good Birthday Gift. It would also be a big help if you forward this on to people who you think might be interested. Thank you and have fun.

hi to all Australian rules football fan, a must play, get your hands on the new LPM RULES FOOTBALL game.